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Distance Healing

Receive Healing from the Comfort of Your Own Home

30-Minute Distant Energy Healing and Energy Report.

No need to go anywhere - Energy can be delivered distantly! During your appointment time, please find a quiet, calm place to lie/sit down and rest. The Reiki energy will enter your body just as it does at an in-person appointment. 

Healing Performed:
*I will check, clear, and balance your chakras.
*I will send you Distant Crystal Reiki and Karuna Reiki.
*I will perform an energy test to discover which healing crystals will work best for you at this time.
*I will pull a tarot/oracle card for you.
*After your session, I will email you a brief report of any energetic imbalances I may have found, guidance from the tarot/oracle card I picked, a recommended crystal list, and a photo of the card/crystals used.

Please make sure to input your correct email address when scheduling your appointment.

If you would prefer to discuss the session with me face-to-face (instead of email), I recommend scheduling a 1-hour video (Zoom) Distant Healing Session.

Schedule a distant healing session today with Nicole Brandt.

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