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Reiki Level II Certification Class

Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Level 2 Class and Certification

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Level II is the next step of your energy healing journey.

Reiki Level II strengthens your Reiki energy as you learn more techniques and the powerful and sacred Reiki symbols.

Class description: Reiki Level II class includes lectures, discussions, meditations and plenty of hands-on learning.

After completion of Reiki II, you will be able to perform reiki techniques on yourself and others, both in person and from a distance.

All information and techniques for Reiki II will be covered in class, including:
- Explanation of and Practice with 3 Sacred Reiki Symbols
- Reiki Level II Holy Fire® Attunement (Placement)
- Holy Fire® Experience
- Learn Distance Healing & Scanning/Healing with Eyes/Heart/Breath
- Using Reiki to Heal the Past and future
- Guided Instruction for Reiki Sessions
- Lots of Hands-on and Distance Healing Practice time
- With Reiki II training, you will have the ability to use reiki professionally if you choose to do so. We will go over professional tips and ethics.
At the end of class, you will receive a certificate of completion.

What is Holy Fire®? Holy Fire® Reiki is a type of Reiki energy and a system of Reiki healing based on the more powerful and more pure Holy Fire® energy. Mentioned in the Bible, Holy Fire® energy has been active in the world since ancient times. While the words Jesus, God and Holy Spirit, are used in religion, in the practice of Holy Fire® Reiki we do not consider them to be religious, but instead, consider them to be spiritual in nature.

Prerequisite - Reiki Level 1

Date - TBD

Time - 9am to 5pm (with a 45 minute lunch break).

Place: TBD

Cost - $175 with a $75 deposit to reserve your spot.

Materials - Usui Reiki Manual (given at the Reiki 1 Class). If you need a new copy of this manual, please contact Nicole.

Instructor - Nicole Brandt -
Karuna Holy Fire® Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer

Holy Fire® III is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

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