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Still Buzzing - My Weekend at a Spiritual Conference

My world was rocked last month. Rocked, blown-open, vibrating to the core.. rocked. And I’m still buzzing from the 3 day ($100, yes, $100) life altering spiritual conference.

I recently attended the Hays House “I Can Do It” conference in Denver, Colorado. I went all by myself, too. So brave, I know. (Actually, I almost chickened out and canceled the whole thing a week before.)

I gained so much information, I am literally busting at the seems with it. There were over a dozen speakers, but I’ve highlighted my seven favorite workshops. If you haven’t attended this touring conference (or if you did and forgot to take notes) here is a smattering of wisdom from the worlds most influential spiritual teachers. And yes, I completely geeked out, seeing all of my favorite spiritual and metaphysical authors in person. It was like, my 34-year-old version of seeing the Backstreet Boys. Starting with…

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Wonderful Wayne Dyer. In his seventies and still travelling all over the world, inspiring and challenging people to better themselves. He spoke about that little spark we all have inside us. That desire to create something new, that urge to help someone, that excitement for life. The spark doesn’t come from your ego, it comes from your higher self, your divine, infinite intelligence. He says if you listen to that that loving spark of creativity, you will fall in line with your life purpose and live your best life.

Tim Ryan

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan seemed to stick out like a sore thumb in the line up, but he had the same goal as everyone else there. He’s starting a revolution in America…really. His passion is to change the world, starting with our education system. Tim Ryan implemented mindfulness programs into elementary schools and the teachers are loving the changes. He also believes that in order to start a food revolution, we need to teach our children how to grow their own food. “There should be a garden in every classroom.” He freakin’ rocks and I hope to see more of him.

Me. Nose-bleed section. Little House on the Prairie braids.

Medium James Van Praagh

James (yes, I am on a first name basis with them) read a few people in the audience, which is cool, but I’ve seen that before. What I loved, was the million great quotes during his session.

“God is a creative, pure, love energy.”

“Life is a series of choices. Decided by either love or fear.”

“Dying is easy, life is hard.”

“There are two illusions of humans: 1.) That we die. 2.) That we are disconnected.”

“There are no accidents. You’re brought into someone else’s space for a specific reason.”

“It’s your responsibility as a spirit in human form to change the energy around you to love energy.”

Panache Desai

Wow. What can I say about Panache’s workshop? Life changing. If you get a chance to see him speak – do it. For a brief moment, I got a flash that he was the reincarnation of Jesus himself. Which is weird, because I’ve never really been sure that Jesus actually existed in the first place. Anyhow, it’s the kind of ‘Jesus’ I would like, anyway – the rapping, dancing, kinda sexy man that Panache is. Oh god, am I like a groupie or something? Did I join a cult and not realize it until now? Hmm, moving on.

The amazing, vibrating, change your life the second you meet him, Panache Desai.

After hours of lovely (amazing) workshops where we sat on our spiritual butts, Panache walks in and tells everyone to stand up and dance. And….they actually did. Tons of energy flowed through the room, you could sense it, feel it. Electric. Then Panache told us that we are all vibrators….of energy. Then he took us on a wild up and down roller coaster of emotions and energy.

At one point, he had us all in a healing meditation. When he told the audience, “There is not one accident in this crowd,” I heard sobs all around me. It was amazing and terribly heartbreaking that the statement struck such a chord with so many people. Two things he said that had me ‘vibrating’:

1.) You (this generation) represent the end of suffering.

2.) In the future, we will fill up football stadiums with group-love-energy-fests like this one.

That was a good way to describe his workshop – a group love energy fest. And you wanna know something weird? I have seen those stadium-filled energy fests in dreams. Really.

He released a book this week (Discovering Your Soul Signature) and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Hoping for more vibrations. *wink.

Nancy Lewin

Nancy’s workshop was about speaking and living the truth. After encouraging members to stand up and speak their truth, a small and delicate blind woman made her way to the front of the crowded room. Her voice shook as she told us her mother and caretaker died a month ago, and she is now all alone. She said she has always held a fear that she would never find a husband or friends, because she was a burden. And that she has never said her biggest fear outloud: that no one would ever like her. Tears rolled down her face and mine. It was so raw. So real. Something everyone has felt at one time or another. Or maybe we all feel it everyday, deep down inside. She ended her story with the shaky confidence of a woman that knows she will be fine, even better in this new phase of her life. I will never forget that raw courage. “Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.”

Doreen Virtue

Doreen is the angel lady. She says angels are non-denominational – everyone has angels – no matter if you believe in them or not. Doreen believes we all have 2 permanent angels throughout our lives. One is a ‘nudging angel’ – the little voice or urge you hear in your head to do something new, meet someone new, learn something new, etc. Basically gently pushing or nudging to keep you on your life path. The other angel is the ‘protection angel’ – the love and comfort you feel when you experience life’s bumpy or horrific times. I don’t know about you, but no matter what I’ve believed in, I’ve always felt that there was something or someone watching over me. And shaking their head and laughing at me, sometimes.

Doreen also described ‘earth angels’ which are souls who have reincarnated as humans in this lifetime to bring light to the world. Very interesting, since I’ve heard the same theory (souls coming to earth to bring about major global change at this time in history) from different sources. She said many ‘earth angels’ often have social phobias, because they’ve been rejected for being weird. That information resonated so deeply with me, tears came to my eyes. (Again, with the tears.)

Spiritual best friends, Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh.

Greg Braden

Greg hit on a topic that I’m absolutely fascinated with – The Shift. He says the world has shifted, things work differently now and we’re just going to have to accept it, mourn the old ways of doing things and move on to a whole new era of humanity. He said, “This is the last generation that will see war. Something will happen in the middle east and it will have a rippling effect through the world. No more war.”

It was an amazing experience for me. Informational, inspirational, vibrational. I think I cried more that weekend than I have in years, which felt really, really good. And being around all of those like-minded people with happy, peaceful, enlightened energy? Wow. I also had goosebumps the whole weekend. They should call it the Goosebumps and Tears Tour.

If there was any theme to the conference, it would be this: Many people are getting the tap on the shoulder, the whisper in the ear to do something amazing with their lives. Maybe it’s finding a new career, maybe it’s finding a new place to live or a new relationship. Whatever it is for you, you know, deep down inside what you need to do to make you happiest. It might be scary to break out of your comfort zone. Actually, it’s probably terrifying. Good. That means it’s really important to you. Be courageous. Do it.

Obviously, I recommend the I Can Do It Conference/Goosebumps and Tears Tour. So go. Round up $100, take a weekend off and get there (website) if you can. I already told everyone I know that I’m dragging them with me next year. So… see you there?

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