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Manifesting - 5 Tips to Manifesting Anything

Manifesting. Heard of it? It’s the belief that like attracts like. That we are in control of our universe. And that thinking about something brings it to us. Take that idea further and it brings you to believing that you can create anything. From something simple like a blueberry muffin to something extravagant like beach house.

Jobs, money, things, relationships, vacations. Anything.

Why it’s spiritual:

It doesn’t really sound ‘spiritual’, does it? It sounds like a selfish kind of magic or something. And I realize I’m a white girl in middle class America talking about manifesting iced coffee and mowers. Yes, I know how ridiculous it sounds. But lets just put that judgment aside for now. Maybe manifesting is kind of selfish. But it’s fun. And spirituality should be fun, yes? So lets get started.

How to do it:

  1. Get yourself into a meditation-like quietness.

  2. Picture the thing you want to manifest. Picture yourself with it. Use all your senses. What does it smell like, taste like, feel like, look like?

  3. Now the most important step — Imagine how you feel emotionally when you get this thing. Feel the excitement or the peacefulness it brings you, feel your heart beating, the happiness on your face.

  4. Thank the universe or god or whoever you give thanks to.

  5. Now let it go. Go about your life and expect the miracle to happen. Let the universe do its magic. It won’t forget.

How it has worked for me:

It works. It has in my life, anyway. So far this summer, I’ve manifested iced coffee, a swing set, and a mower (all 100% true). I’m working on a beach house. And a Pimm’s Cup (my favorite New Orleans drinky). Oh, and world peace, of course. The universe has a sense of humor, though. Once while driving down an empty highway, I tried very hard to manifest a big, bubbly, ice-cold, chemical-filled coke. Would you know it? A few minutes later an enormous billboard pops up with…. You guessed it, a PICTURE of a big bubbly, ice-cold, chemical-filled coke. Haha, universe, haha.

Why it works:

Thoughts have weight. They aren’t just airy formless blither in our heads…. Thoughts are a creation, they have substance, they create our reality.

Think of it this way. Thoughts create your mood. Your mood can totally dictate how your day goes. If you’re in a bad or pessimistic mood it might alter which radio station you listen to or show you watch. It might alter who you speak to and how you speak to them. Your behavior in the world influences those around you. We all know how fast a bad mood can alter a rooms atmosphere. A bad mood will create a totally different world for you than if you were in a happy mood.

Ever notice how when your day starts out crappy, one crappy thing after another crappy thing happens, it’s like an avalanche. It’s because like attracts like. If you wake up in the morning and stub your toe and think: “Ahhh, it’s going to be a horrible day!” then you start looking for horrible things to happen….and they will. Same goes for waking up in a good mood. If you start the day out joyful, grateful, expecting miracles…. You’ll find wonderful things throughout the day — simply because you are looking for them to happen.

What do you want? A new house, a better job, a donut with sprinkles? Go ahead and get it. Let the manifestations begin.

Learn more:

My favorite manifestation gurus are: Andy Dooley, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Pam Grout, author of my favorite manifestation experiment book (yes -science experiments with manifestation!!!! Geek out!) E-Squared. And the film The Secret explains manifestation with the worlds most beloved spiritual teachers.

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