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Crystal Cleaning Tips

Being a Crystal Reiki teacher and crystal vendor, one question I often receive is: Do I need to clean my crystals and how do I do it?

First of all, thank you for asking questions, it gives me a chance to talk more about crystals. hehe. Second of all, as with many subjects in metaphysics, there isn't a hard and fast rule to this. I usually go with my intuition when deciding if and how to clean my crystals. But I hate giving the blanket 'nonanswer' of "just use your intuition" so let's get into what I have learned about crystal cleaning over the years. And if you crave more info on crystal healing, check out my Crystal Healing 101 course where I answer all my most frequently asked crystal questions in depth.

Why do we need to clean our crystals?

Crystals store energy and information, so before using our crystal for healing, we want to clear it or 'clean' it of any energy that is not needed or not for our highest good. Crystals are much older than we are and we never know where they have been and what kind of energy they have been exposed to! So we energetically clean them. It is like wiping and clearing the memory of a used phone or tablet device! :)

When do we need to clean our crystals?

I always clean new crystals I have purchased or received as a gift. I always clean crystals before using them for a healing session and afterward. I also use my intuition on this one. Sometimes crystals seem a bit dull or seem 'unhappy' to me. That is a sign I need to clean them. After cleaning a crystal, it always appears to feel and shine a bit brighter.

How do we clean our crystals?

There are many different methods of energetically cleaning crystals. Some methods don’t work with all crystals. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sunlight – Crystals love sunbathing. Leave them in the sunshine for at least an hour up to a few days. Note: The sun will bleach your colorful crystals (especially amethyst and rose quartz) so I don't recommend this method for all crystals.

Moonlight – One of the safest methods for cleaning your crystals. Leave your crystals outside or on a window sill overnight within 3 days of a full moon.

Sound – High-frequency sound waves are very cleansing. Play singing bowls, tingsha cymbals, or bells near crystals to clean them. If you are a singer, you can sing your crystals clean!

Crystals – Selenite is a high vibration crystal that can clean other crystals. Place your crystals near it or on a selenite plate/bowl overnight to clean. Concave-shaped can also clean crystals that are placed inside.

Energy/Reiki – If you know an energy healing method like Reiki, you can clean your crystals! Simply place your hands over the crystal for a few minutes to clean the crystal.

These are just a few ways to clean your crystals. For more methods and to learn easy and fun crystal healing techniques, I invite you to sign up for my online Crystal Healing 101 Course. Register here: Crystal Healing 101

We talk all about crystals and healing in the free facebook group: Crystal Lovers & Reiki Healers. If you haven't joined already, come on over!

Lots of love,

- Nicole


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