Crystals are ALIVE???

Hey there! This is one of my absolute favorite concepts: Crystals are living beings. Perhaps one of the most primitive living beings on planet earth. Yeah, this idea sounded cuckoo to me too when I first read about it in Philip Permutt's book The Book of Crystal Grids. Then I began exploring the idea more and I am a believer. Looking at crystals in this way has changed how I view the world and work with crystals forever. Want to hear more? Let's look at the current scientific understanding of life. Characteristics of living beings: - It grows - Reproduces - Consumes nutrients - Evolves in changing conditions Does a crystal grow? Absolutely. Sometimes it is a very very slow growth over millions of years. But crystals do in fact grow. It seems obvious, but that is why we have different-sized crystals. Larger crystals are usually older and have had more time to grow. Do crystals reproduce? They do! In their own way. If we break a crystal into tiny pieces, those pieces will continue to grow into new crystals if they are in a nutrient-rich environment. This brings me to the next characteristic of life. Do crystals consume nutrients? Yes, that is how they grow! Crystals grow in water that is supersaturated with minerals. The color, hardness, shape, and other properties of the crystal depend on what nutrients are available for them to consume. (Yum yum.) Will a crystal evolve in changing conditions? Yes. Heat, pressure, and the introduction of different minerals change the formation of the crystal and alter how it grows. Interesting, eh? And the woo-woo crowd aren't the only ones shouting about this. Some scientists consider crystals to be very primitive life forms. It is difficult to study, however, because we humans only live a few decades and crystals live millions and billions of years. Studying the evolution of a billion-year-old crystal is, well, difficult. So how has this changed the way I work with crystals? I no longer view them