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Crystals for Libra season

Hey there!

This week we welcomed in the Fall Equinox and Libra season and had a full moon in the sign of Pisces. That is a lot for one week! Did you feel the shift in energy this week? Did it feel lighter or heavier to you? It should feel lighter, but everyone reacts a little differently! Next month we dive into Scorpio season which is much deeper and heavier.

Did you do anything special on the Fall Equinox Wednesday? I held a live hour of healing during the equinox which was really lovely and a great way to bring in the new season. I plan on holding another on the Winter Solstice and hope you all can join me for that event in December!

Libra is the season of beauty, balance, justice, charm, and peace. It also has a very non-confrontational theme to it. Sometimes it is nice to enhance that energy (beauty and harmony are wonderful traits to have) and sometimes it can be too much (ex: Make a decision already! Speak up for yourself!).

Today I wanted to talk about crystals I recommend working with during this month.

To enhance Libra energy:

Clear Quartz - Clear quartz is a wonderfully diverse crystal. It is known as the master crystal, because it can work with anyone, any theme, any issue. For me, this represents and enhances Libra's ability to get along with everyone and every situation in order to bring peace and harmony.

To balance energy:

Carnelian Agate - The earthly swirls in carnelian agate bring the airy energy of Libra back down to earth. It also encourages us to seek out what feels best for us, not what feels best for our partner.

To work with moon energy:

Rainbow Fluorite - I love this crystal and it is a beautiful representation of the beauty Libra season brings. I recommend holding on to this crystal during the full moon to help release. I recommend holding on to this crystal during the new moon when trying to create (manifest) good things into your life, especially if they are related to beauty, balance, and harmony.

Want to learn more about crystals and healing? Join my free facebook group Crystal Lovers & Reiki Healers!

Wishing you a gorgeous autumn weekend!

Lots of love,

- Nicole

P.S. Are you a Libra or do you have a Libra in your life? Do the traits resonate?


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