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Do you have a Witch Wound?

Hey Healer!

When I first began to awaken to my intuition and spirituality, I was excited to learn and explore everything in the field of spirituality and metaphysics. At the same time, I felt raw, insecure, and scared to share it with anyone for fear they would think I was mentally unbalanced or *gasp* a witch. Since I lived in a very conservative religious community, I also worried people would think I was demonic. My fears came true when my brother called me (in that joking, but insulting way that siblings do best) - a witch. At the time, that really hurt and it struck a chord of fear in me.

But why? I logically knew it was safe for me at this time and in this country to explore and practice my spirituality, but the fear was still there. Where did this fear come from? One concept helped answer this: The Witch Wound. Have you heard of this term? Natalie Ann Taggart defines it thus: "The witch wound is the psychic trauma that all women carry after millennia of invalidation, disempowerment, and abuse. Patriarchal culture has systematically invalidated feminine gifts like intuition, embodiment, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and healing. The witch wound is what rears its ugly head when any awakened woman has the audacity to put herself out there as her authentic, powerful, healing, intuitive, witchy self." A person doesn't have to identify as a woman to carry the witch wound, of course. The abuse and demonization of healers have left all our ancestors (and therefore, all of us) with trauma. So here we are, hundreds of years later, still scared to openly share our natural healing abilities and practice our spirituality. One way to begin to heal that 'witch wound' is to connect with our healer ancestors by continuing their sacred work. I'm talking about energy work, plant medicine, crystal healing, and especially moon work. Our ancestors connected deeply with the moon and her cycles for thousands of years with sacred lunar ceremonies for healing and manifestation. Over the years we got away from this work. Because of laws and severe punishment. Because of the industrial revolution and the 40-hour work week. Because of the 'witch wound'. We have lost our connection to magical, healing moon work. There is nothing stopping us from connecting again, though. We are safe in this time and place. If this has inspired you to learn more - I encourage you to check out my Crystals & Moon Magic class. I share with you exactly how to work with the moon and crystals each month for healing, manifesting, and connecting with your ancestors. I love this stuff.

Sending you lots of love,

- Nicole


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