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Hippie Tips for Winter Blues

It is THAT time of year again in the northern hemisphere - time for me to feel like a rat stuck in a cold white cage of winter. Otherwise known as January.

I currently have my finger hovering over the 'book now' button on a tropical getaway, but in the meantime, there are a few energetic tricks up my sleeve to help alleviate the winter blues.

If you can relate, hopefully, some of these tips will help you too.

Bring in the green -

Plants bring color and life into our lives and I have found it helps tremendously during the gray and white months of winter. I especially like climbing plants that cling to and grow up around my window dressings. If you are short on space - little cactus plants fit nicely on window sills and are so easy to take care of.

Walking in sunshine -

Studies have shown that even a 10-15 minute walk outside can boost energy, enhance focus, and improve mental health and sleep. If the sun is out - it makes the walk even more effective. We can commit to a small 10-minute walk every day, right?

Bathe in Divine Energy -

Reiki is always the answer when I am needing a mental boost. We Reiki practitioners know this, but we often forget! So here is your reminder to give yourself a Reiki treatment today. Even a few minutes helps! (If you don't know Reiki, but are interested in learning - you can get access to my course here.)

Pile on the crystals -

My list wouldn't be complete without my favorite winter-blues fighting crystals:

Orange Calcite – Such a joyful crystal! Looking at it and holding it always lightens my mood and makes me feel better during the winter months.

Fire Quartz – I think of this one like an amped-up carnelian. It transforms low vibes into higher, positive vibes. It is both amplifying and grounding. Perfect when you are feeling drained and need a little kick in the pants.

Green Calcite – This crystal is connected to plants, growth, and greenery (and you don't need to worry about watering it). If I need a boost of fresh spring vibes, this crystal never lets me down.

Important to note - If the blues get to be a bit more than just temporary blues, please do not hesitate to seek professional medical help (as I am not a medical professional).

Do you get the winter blues? Have you found something that helps you get through it? Write me back, I would love to hear and add it to my list.

Lots of love,

- Nicole


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