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How to Date, I mean, Attune to your Crystal

Hey there!

Let's talk about the importance of attuning to your crystals.

In Reiki class, we learn that in order to use Reiki, we must first be attuned to Reiki energy.

Attuning to crystal energy is a little different. You don't need to intentionally attune to crystals to work with them, but I highly recommend doing so.


- It creates a bond between you and the crystal.

- It enhances the crystals metaphysical properties.

- If you are someone who has a hard time remembering which crystal has which property, attuning and bonding with your crystal will solidify that knowledge.

- Since each person and each crystal are different (we're all a bunch of snowflakes), each person/crystal combo will perform differently. Attuning to a crystal will help you understand how that crystal works with your specific energy system.

How? In my Crystal Reiki program, we attune our Reiki energy to our healing crystals with a beautiful and personal attunement ceremony. This creates a strong bond between the healer, the crystals and Reiki energy. If you haven't taken that course *yet* here are some ways you can intentionally attune to your crystals.

- Spend time with your crystal. Take it on a nice romantic walk on a beach and candlelight dinner. hehe, I kid, I kid. But I do recommend spending time with it and recording your observations.

- Physically - Hold the crystal in your hand. Use your senses to really observe it. Feel the weight of it. Feel the texture of it. Does it have a scent? Can you see through it? Does it have cracks, bubbles, rainbows? What does it look like in natural light or in front of light?

- Energetically - Are you sensitive to energy? If so, what kind of energy is coming off of the crystal? Some common energetic responses to crystals are described as 'zings' or 'electric' or 'pulls' or a flash of hot or cold temperature. Sometimes the crystal feels very very heavy despite the actual weight of the crystal.

- Emotionally - When you first picked up the crystal, did you notice any emotions run through you? Did it bring up a feeling or memory? Did it remind you of something? It may sound silly, but it is pretty common for someone to have a strong emotional reaction to a crystal including tears, anger, repulsion, joy, etc. It is also normal to not have any reaction at all. Make note of it either way.

I hope this has inspired you to take a few minutes to attune to the energy of your crystal. Give it a try, I would love to hear how it goes.

If you are interested in attuning crystals to your Reiki energy, my Crystal Reiki program is coming up soon! Get on the waitlist at

Lots of love,

- Nicole

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