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How to Work with Taurus Season

We are a week into Taurus season - The season of breaking into the ground after winter, planting seeds, grounding on the earth in bare feet, and reconnecting with the pleasures of nature. The flowers and trees are blooming in my neighborhood this week and I am loving it.

We are OUT of eclipse season AND Mercury retrograde - YAY! That was an intense one - for me, at least. I had lots of sleepless nights and unresolved traumas came out of the depths to be healed over the past couple of months. Tough, but for the best (that is what I tell myself, anyway). Taurus energy is an amazing balm for intense times. If you practice Reiki, it is a wonderful tool to combine with the energy of Taurus season for healing, release, and recovery.

I have found that when I work with the energy of the zodiac cycles, I feel so much better. Here are a few ways you can harness the energy of Taurus season:

1. What makes you feel luxurious? Do that.

Taurus is all about enjoying the luxuries of life. It is a great time to take a nice bubble bath (with salt and essential oils). Perhaps while indulging in some dark chocolate and a glass of wine or cup of tea? Then get into soft pajamas and read your favorite book. But maybe those things aren't your cup of tea - if not - what makes you feel luxurious and comforted? Do that this weekend.

2. Ground it out.

When stress comes into our lives and we get stuck in our heads, there is nothing better than getting outside and putting our bare feet on the earth. The simple act of connecting with the earth helps release stress down and out of the body. If you know Reiki, place your hands in Gassho and breathe in deeply as Reiki flows through your palms and stress moves out your feet. I can't stress enough how beautiful this feels! It completely resets and refreshes the energy system.

3. Spend some 1-on-1 time with a crystal.

This is a mix of 1 and 2. Because working with crystals grounds us while working with sparkly little luxuries from the earth. Either go crystal shopping (ohh, can I come?) or pick out a few from your collection. Take a few minutes to energetically cleanse them (with Reiki, or sunshine, or sage, or

singing bowl). Then take a few minutes to admire your crystal - look at it in the light, feel its texture, and sense how it feels energetically in your hand. Then place the crystal at your heart and breath in and out deeply for several minutes. Notice how calming this feels.

If you need a little crystal inspiration, here are a few of my favorite crystals for Taurus season: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Lepidolite, Black Onyx

I hope you are able to take some time to add a little 'earth luxury' to your Taurus season.

Lots of love,

- Nicole Brandt


How to work with me this month:

I will show you your astrological birth chart (you get to keep a copy) and we will take a deep dive into your unique personality, talents, and life purpose. This is especially helpful if you are going through a particularly difficult time - we can look at why this is happening and when it will shift.

If you need a boost of good vibes after the eclipses and

Mercury in retrograde - this is for you! I check, clear, and balance all your chakras, send you 30 minutes of Reiki healing, and email you a report of the session. Perfect for Taurus season.


Reiki Master Training: Coming this summer! This course is for Reiki 2 grads ready for Reiki Master Certification (or current Reiki Masters who desire a more in-depth training). I also have a 'Reiki Master Prep' class in the works to help you prepare for Master level. Interested?

Get on my waitlist to be the first to know when they open for registration:


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