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Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

Hey Healer!

Is being around groups of people difficult for you? Do you feel easily frazzled, emotional, and drained? Me too. I call it group fatigue.

This past weekend, I was surrounded by my entire family. A highlight was my 2-year-old nephew serenading the moon with his plastic guitar (aww, he gets that from his Auntie Na-na cole). We are loud and funny and loud. Did I say loud? I LOVE my family. But I could barely form a sentence or keep my eyes open as we drove back down the mountain to our home. I was DRAINED and it took a couple of days to recover. Our loved ones can really be energy vampires - sucking our energy without even realizing they are doing it! Then I remembered my Reiki tools. Why didn't I remember them before I needed them? Story of my life, my friends.

Energetically speaking, when empaths, healers, or people sensitive to energy are around others, they tend to absorb others' energy. This ability is a superpower, really, it helps us tune in to others. It helps us sense danger. It makes us better healers. But if we don't learn how to separate and protect our own energetic boundaries - we can be left feeling completely drained.

The best way to improve group fatigue and protect against energy vampires is to go into a group situation energetically protected. No, not with garlic. With Crystal Reiki, of course! Since I am a step-by-step person, here is a step-by-step method for protecting your energy with Crystal & Reiki* tools.

1. Grab a clean protective crystal. The best is hematite, but tiger iron, and black tourmaline/ tourmalinated quartz also work well.

2. Place that crystal in between your palms in gassho position (prayer hands at heart).

3. Breathe in deeply. As you breathe in, imagine Reiki energy flowing through your crown and into your crystal. Building a protective energy in your palms.

4. Breathe out deeply. As you breathe out, imagine that protective Reiki energy flowing through your body. Growing stronger and larger with each breath.

5. Imagine this protective energy growing to a protective boundary a few inches around your body.

6. Do this until you are feeling strong and filled with Reiki energy.

7. Give thanks to the Reiki energy and intend for it to continue to surround and protect you for as long as needed.

8. You may want to keep that crystal on your body for the duration of the group activity. Clean it afterward.

*If you aren't attuned to Reiki yet, imagine a divine (God/Source/Univeral) energy filling you.

If you know you are an empath and/or energetically sensitive, give this method a try and let me know how it works for you.

Wishing you a beautiful, energetically powerful weekend.

Lots of love,

- Nicole


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