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Hey there! I’m Nicole Brandt, Crystal Reiki Healer, Teacher, and founder of the Stone to Star Healing Academy. I’m not your typical spiritual healer and teacher. I wasn’t born with unique psychic gifts, I can curse like a sailor, and I struggle with social anxiety. I don’t let that get in my way though, because I believe there is no such thing as a perfect healer. Spirituality and healing work isn’t black and white. Meaning, there is no ‘right and only’ way to do things in this field. I believe there are many ways and paths to reach a healed and peaceful space. No teacher, modality, or technique is the ‘truth’ or only way. It looks a little different for each of us because we are all on different paths.


I believe spiritual work is about allowing our authentic, true personality to come through. This means you may be introverted, extroverted, loud, quiet, silly, confused, stubborn, wild-hearted, rebellious, a rule-follower, underweight, overweight, triggered, peaceful, a warrior, helpful, and/or ‘imperfect’ and still be a healer. There are people on this planet that need your specific and unique energy to help them heal. Your energetic signature is what is needed on the planet right now.

I have lived in 9 states - from the deserts of Arizona to the beaches of Florida to the cornfields of the Midwest and many spaces in-between. I am currently living near the mountains in Northern Colorado with my husband and son. We also have a daughter in college. I absolutely love to travel and experience different cultures and ideas. I’m always dreaming of our next destination. Have any suggestions?

Metaphysics has always been an interest of mine, but I began my energy healing studies in 2014. I have studied Reiki and Crystal Healing with 6+ different respected spiritual teachers which have earned me the titles of Registered Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer, Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner, and Crystal Reiki Master. I also take as many astrology classes as I can get my hands on, I am a Certified Moonologer™, and hope to one day add astrology to my healing services. One of the highlights of my spiritual healing education was when I traveled to Glastonbury England to learn Karuna Reiki from the president of the International Center for Reiki Training, William Lee Rand. The hands-on training, healing, and friendships I experienced during that time were invaluable and changed me forever. I also know that titles are simply words on paper; the work is not done when the certificate is achieved. The real work is putting what we learn into practice in the real world every day.

Astrologically, I am a double Aries (Sun and Moon) which makes me a bit of a go-getter (I want to learn and experience everything!), and a Scorpio rising which makes me specially designed to help you heal and transform into the best version of YOU. When teaching, I love to throw in a mix of information with experimentation (who doesn’t love experimenting with crystals?), laughter, and spiritual transformation. I also believe the way to healing is a holistic balance of both modern science and ancient healing practices.


I can be a bit of a goofball, but I’m very serious and passionate about teaching what I love (all things woo-woo ;) ) and helping my students grow into powerful and confident healers themselves. This work has healed me and changed my life forever in surprising and amazing ways – I know it will change yours too! If you think we would be a good fit – I would love to help guide you on your holistic healing journey.


So much love, Nicole

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