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Birth Chart Reading

Unlock your life purpose and what makes you incredibly unique.

Let me show you how perfectly made you are! Have you ever wondered if you have a life purpose and what it is?

Or why you are the way you are?

Or how you can use your personality to be happier and live your best life?

An astrological reading is a great way to investigate your unique personality and answer all these questions. When you book an astrology reading with me, I will dig into your astrological chart (the snapshot of the sky at your birth and the blueprint of your life) to help you:

  • Discover why you are the way you are.

  • Find out what your important lessons are in this life and how you can conquer them.

  • Learn how you can utilize your unique talents (hidden and known) to live your life purpose.

  • Look for energy shifts and changes coming up in your life.

  • Fall in love with your incredibly unique self!


Important information:

For your reading, we will meet for an hour over a Zoom video call. If you prefer not to be on video, no problem, please let me know. Your reading can be recorded for you, per your request.


**Important: In order for me to give you the most accurate reading possible, I will need to know your:

  • Birth town, state, and country

  • The exact time (to the minute) you were born. This information can usually be found on your birth certificate.

**After booking, you will receive an email from me within 24 hours with your confirmation and Zoom link. If you don't receive an email confirmation with Zoom link, please email me at

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