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Learn a new healing modality and take a deeper dive into your spirituality in a fun and nurturing online classroom! There is always a bit of experimentation, laughter and healing in every class.

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With the Crystal Reiki Certification Course you will learn how to confidently and effectively combine crystals and reiki with tried and true techniques, crystal body layouts, distant healing grids, new powerful healing symbols and two Crystal Reiki Attunements. *Prerequisite of Reiki Level 1 (any lineage). Registration opens in 2023. Get on the wait list here.

Are you drawn to stones, rocks, and crystals, but you don't know exactly how to use them for healing? Crystal Healing 101 will explain the basics to you so you can start crystal healing today! Learn more and register here.

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A healing meditation and accompanying workbook created to remove and heal blocks from past or present lives that may be preventing you from stepping into your full healing abilities. Learn more and register here.

For thousands of years, our ancestors worked with moon cycles and crystals and energy for healing, manifesting and connection. Learn how to use energy from the cosmos (moon) and energy from the earth (crystals) to bring a little magic into your life in this fun and informative Crystals & Moon Magic Class. Register here.

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Do you have dreams of opening a healing practice?

Do you have a goal of helping others and spreading more light in your community?

I encourage you to take a step toward that dream today. If that dream includes becoming a hands-on-healing Reiki practitioner, I am now offering an Independent Reiki Study Program. You can study the online course on your own time and then schedule to meet with me for a live video attunement and guidance. I would be honored to be your guide and help you accomplish your goals this year.

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