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My crystal broke! What does it mean?!

Have you ever had a crystal break and wonder if there is a deeper meaning? A couple of you asked this week what it means when a crystal cracks/breaks. (If that was you - hey girl, hey! Thanks for inspiring this week's post!) Let's get into it.

Physical reasons -

Crystals contain tiny 'imperfections', cracks, and fractures that formed during their creation over thousands (or millions) of years. The more fractures, the easier it is for the crystal to break when dropped or bumped. Sudden and drastic changes in temperature can also fracture crystals.

Metaphysical reasons -

Sometimes a crystal breaks for seemingly no physical or scientific reason. There may be a metaphysical explanation.

Reason 1 - The crystal needs to be cleansed. Crystals pick up stress from their environment (and from us). If they are not energetically cleansed, it can cause fractures in the crystal. Some crystals are especially sensitive to this, like fluorite and celestite.

Reason 2 - It is part of the crystal's growth/evolution. Depending on the crystal's environment, the crystal will continue to grow and change (albeit very slowly) over the years. Perhaps it was time for the crystal to break apart and spread its vibration to more than one place or person. Maybe you are meant to give a piece to another person.

The next common question I get is - "What can I do with my broken crystal?"

The crystal still vibrates with high vibrational healing energy after broken. You can:

- You can still use it as before.

- Give a piece to a friend.

- Place it in a pot to add happy crystal vibes to your plants.

- Keep a small bowl on your desk with tiny crystal fragments and broken pieces.

- Give it back to the earth and bury it in the ground.

You can also look at a broken crystal as a spiritual message - especially if you were the cause of the break. Maybe you accidentally dropped your crystal and it broke. This could be a message to slow down. Perhaps you are currently taking on too much. Are you making time to be present? To breathe? To pay attention? Is there something(s) in your life that you can say no to or drop from your 'to do' list?

Have you ever broken a crystal? Do any of the messages I gave resonate with you?

We talk all about crystals and healing in the free facebook group: Crystal Lovers & Reiki Healers. If you haven't joined already, come on over!

Wishing you a happy and healthy weekend.

Lots of love,

- Nicole


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