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16 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

16 Signs you are having a spiritual awakening. Are you having a spiritual awakening? Chances are, if you are still reading this, you are. Something drew you here — the woo woo drew you here. ;) The woo-woo, that unseen force that draws your eyes to the clock right at 11:11, to click on a story or quote that you needed to hear right at that moment.

Spiritual Awakening

We’re all here on this planet in these bodies at this time for a reason. Everyone has a job, mission or list of things to tick off during their lives. Some people have a mission that includes helping others or spreading awareness or love across the planet. In the spiritual/metaphysical communities, those helpers are called- light workers. Many ‘light workers’ are now waking up. This waking up is what the mystics call a spiritual awakening. I’ve gathered a list of 16 signs that one might experience if they are being awakened. See if any apply to you.

Signs that you are having a spiritual awakening:

1. You feel ‘nudged’ by something or someone. Nudged into a career, nudged to change something major in your life like a relationship or job or geography. Nudged to join a group or learn a new thing. Especially if it has to do with spiritual growth, healing or education. Have you had a book nudged in your direction a few times? It isn’t a coincidence. If something keeps popping into your life, check it out.

2. You have a desire to help or heal others. Maybe you are drawn to healing professions. Nursing, massage therapy, fitness instructor, health food adviser, teaching, etc.

3. You have an eerie sense that the world, your world, isn’t really real.

4. You have natural psychic abilities. They have appeared suddenly or you’ve had them since birth and they are increasing tremendously. Your dreams are coming true or you just ‘know’ things.

5. Physical symptoms – Headaches, tingles on the top of the head, dizziness, seeing orbs or a flash of blue or purple light, ringing in the ears, irregular heartbeats. Note: If you're having odd physical symptoms, for goodness sake, get checked out by your doctor first!

6. Emotional symptoms – Feelings of pure ecstatic happiness, you feel like you are overflowing with love and joy, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, feelings of depression and anxiety. These feelings may swing back and forth throughout the month. Note: If you're having depressive or suicidal symptoms, for goodness sake, speak with a professional therapist!

7. The numbers 11 or 11:11 pop up everywhere.

8. Time is getting real weird. You have a sense that there isn’t enough time or that time is speeding up. You may experience weird time 'glitches' or missing time.

9. Increased weirdness. You have strange dreams or wake up at the same time every night. You think you see/hear/experience a ghost or spirit or even a UFO in the sky. And the weirdest part, is that you use to think this stuff was a bunch of hooey and now you’re starting to believe it.

10. You realize there is more to life than gossip television, politics, money and fast food. All that other 'stuff' isn't real, and it is becoming more and more apparent.

11. You can sense energy in a room. If someone is having a bad day you can feel that negative energy coming off of them and it affects you. Same with someone in a good mood, or frazzled mood, etc.

12. You are more drawn to 'woo-woo' things that you once felt were only for new-agers or hippies, like meditation, crystals, yoga or organic food.

13. Your taste in food is changing. Maybe you crave more vegetables and fruit. Maybe meat is beginning to really turn you off. If this is the case, I recommend the documentary Vegucated (on Netflix).

14. Your taste for alcohol, cigarettes caffeine or other mind/mood altering drugs has changed. You don’t crave that buzz as much or you just lost the taste for it.

15. Weirdness with electronics. They aren’t working properly, but just when you use it. Light bulbs blow out, electronics burn up, fuses bust, computers go berserk, etc.

16. You have an increasing sense of urgency to learn or do something with your life – even if you don’t know what it is, which will make you even more frustrated. If so, calm down, you will lead yourself in the right direction. In fact, you are already leading yourself in the right direction.

Do any of these seem to fit? If so, lets talk about it! I love hearing stories. I would recommend joining a local or internet group of people who are going through the same thing.

Sending you all tons of love and light during this very wild (and exciting) time on our planet.

We talk all about crystals and healing in the free facebook group: Crystal Lovers & Reiki Healers. If you haven't joined already, come on over!

-Nicole Brandt

Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Crystal Healer


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